We work in various fields of mechanical engineering and machine tool construction
We carry out design work in mechanical engineering, machine tools and robotics. EDB - Research and Production Enterprise, which focuses on the latest technologies and creates new ones.

The company consists of four enterprises: a design bureau, a computing center, testing and research centers, and an engineering plant. This means that we can not only develop a project, but also implement your idea.

As a result of the work, you can get:

1. Project documentation. You get a complete set of drawings, 3D models, renders (photorealistic images). It is necessary for the manufacture of a product, machine, production line. Further, you can dispose of the received documentation yourself. At the same time, we continue to advise you on all issues.

2. Finished product, machine or production line. We have our own machine-building plant, on the basis of which we can implement almost any technical idea. In addition, we are closely associated with many, including unique, industries, which allows us to create particularly complex machines in close cooperation.
236 works

we have created and implemented in 5 years
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Our projects have won design competitions
16 industries

we have experience in all industries and electronics
We work
Production line design
Designing technological production lines - very affordable and effective way to reduce costs, consistently increasing the number of products and improving its quality. We create projects of technological lines in whole or modernizing specific areas. Working in areas such as the pharmaceutical, microelectronics and high-tech, engineering and machining, steel industry, building materials industry, energy and others.
Design in other industries
Some of the projects developed by us are successfully manufactured and implemented at factories and enterprises in Russia and European countries. When designing, it doesn't stop us if something doesn't exist yet. The line of catamarans is produced under its own trademark Prometeus, which are built on the premises of four companies. Also, OKB engineers annually participate in various competitions for the modeling and design of facilities, taking prizes. The OKB has more than 150 projects in such industries as medicine, precision engineering, robotics, shipbuilding, aircraft construction, mechanical engineering, agriculture, light industry, and energy.
Design in mechanical engineering
This area covers a huge number of areas, the number of which is constantly growing. Each of these areas has its own initial specifics and requires its own solutions, taking into account modern trends in mechanical engineering. We can modernize any part of the technological process, reducing the cost of its maintenance. We also create machines that work without human intervention. For example, an unmanned railway pusher for moving wagons. Or an improved plasma cutter, which, unlike the previous modification, is equipped with a laser. There is also an aspiration and recirculation system based on a multi-level filtration system.
Design in industry, construction
When designing for industrial and construction enterprises, you need to rely on the characteristics of a particular industry, take into account the specifics of the production process, as well as the capacity of the operating conditions of the enterprise. If necessary, we send a production team to assess and analyze the current level of production. For example, when developing the project of molds for pouring slabs of airfield PAG-14 and PDN, it was important to take into account that the production is not carried out at a specialized enterprise. They were also manufactured at a building metalwork plant, which does not have at its disposal machines for the mechanical processing of metals. We work with any field of industry from light to energy and metallurgy.
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