Completed projects
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Long-range boiler blower
Long-range boiler blowing apparatus project. The devices developed by the OKB are the most suitable for operation in the CIS. The photo shows the device after a year of operation at the Novosibirsk CHPP.
Very easy to inst much less space. Does not require stopping the boiler for repair work and taking special measures. Laureate of the XVIII 3D Modeling Aces Competition | 2020 year.
Continuous metal filling machine
The continuous metal casting machine MNLZ-2000 was developed and implemented for a metal rolling plant. The development of the horizontal process of continuous casting of steel is presented. The main advantages are low headroom, no secondary oxidation of steel and no deformation of the ingot.
Railway pusher TEMM-7500
The pusher TEMM-7500 of the heavy series is an unmanned shunting unit for moving cars within a station or a dead end without a driver.
The series was named after our respected designer Ivan Anatolyevich Kolomysov. Laureate of the XVII Contest of 3D Modeling Aces | 2019 year
Various types of presses and press machines
We have successfully developed and implemented projects for hydraulic, pneumatic, crank presses and automatic presses. They are used for automation equipment for cold stamping, or as a complete line, including an unwinder, a straightening device, a feeder, a press (hydraulic, crank, pneumatic, automatic press), die equipment, a receiving device, a bunching module. For the manufacture of stamped products from ferrous, stainless and non-ferrous metals.
Pendulum blower
Machine designed for cleaning the inside of the boiler. It has a universal design that allows it to be used in both full-turn and pendulum versions. Differs in compactness and ease of manufacture. A new type of suspension inside the boiler was also used. Laureate of the XVIII 3D Modeling Aces Competition | 2020 year.
Roll forming line
The line is designed for the production of LSTK profiles from rolled material (strip) by cold deformation. The line consists of a number of machines designed for the final output of products - finished rolled products with specified profile characteristics and specified lengths.
The project was prepared by the department under the leadership of designer Roman Yaresko - one of the best specialists in the field of profiling equipment design.
Automatic line for resistance welding of meshes
For automatic multi-contact lines for the production of welded mesh, wire is used, which is fed from the coil to the welding zone. In standard models, the mesh width is 2000 mm with a longitudinal wire spacing of 50 mm. 40 pieces are charged into the longitudinal wire feed coil system, and one coil is used to feed the cross wire. Resistance spot welding machines are technologically advanced, powerful, compact and capable of performing a wide range of jobs.
Metal molds
When designing metal molds, we always take into account the wishes of our customers and comply with the established standards. We design and manufacture collapsible forms of various modifications, which are inferior in quality to foreign manufacturers. We also take into account the peculiarities of production. For example, a building metalwork plant may not have metal machining machines. We use modern technologies and materials to reduce the weight of metal molds.
Pharmaceutical plant line
The line is designed for the production and packaging of effervescent tablets.
Line composition: rotary tablet press, pharmaceutical vacuum cleaner, tablet dedusting machine, vacuum loader, tube filling machine for effervescent tablets, three-way mixer, horizontal automatic labeling machine, vacuum filling machine.
Bullet making line
This unique site is designed to produce bullets with American quality and intelligent automation. The site is designed for the work of 2 people with a line capacity of 10,000 bullets. With our documentation, this section has become 5 times cheaper than the nearest similar prices of Russian and foreign manufacturers of non-standard equipment.
Panel Production Line
Semi-automatic sandwich panel production line project. Completed by order of the Irkutsk manufacturer IrTech. The line consists of 4 coiled material unwinders, two profiling mills with a transverse reinforcement system, a roller table system, an insulation supply unit, a gluing machine, a cutting machine and many auxiliary mechanisms and structures.
The line is equipped with three control stands, duplicating each other, which allows, with a minimum number of workers, to control the line from convenient positions.
Rover "Prometheus"
As part of the experimental Prometeus line from EDB LLC, the construction of an all-terrain vehicle capable of moving on the road, off-road, snow, ice, mud, water, etc. has been launched. The all-terrain vehicle includes the latest developments of the OKB, nowhere and never before used. Control by means of a stick controller. The machine in the basic configuration is capable of autonomous operation without refueling for 30 days, provided that the engine runs continuously around the clock and moves up to 10 hours a day.
Catamarans "Prometheus-400"
This line of catamarans is produced under its own trademark Prometeus by EDB LLC.
An evolutionary range of models has led to the creation of modern and safe floating bicycles capable of carrying up to 6 people on board. The line of catamarans ended with models 44 and 12 (large - 44, small - 12). Catamarans according to our projects are currently being built on the premises of four companies, two of them are from Russia.
Fiberglass boat
The use of high-strength composite materials and special shipbuilding technologies has made it possible to dramatically reduce the production cost.
Due to the low weight of the fiberglass boat, it is easy to move it on trailers, store it in the off-season, and pull it out on boathouses and on land. Structural material does not deteriorate from solar ultraviolet radiation and aggressive environments, does not corrode, and is resistant to mechanical damage.
Aircraft design
The aircraft project is built according to the canard scheme.
The basic version of the aircraft is designed to fly at a cruising speed of 380 km / h for a distance of up to 1200 km using additional fuel tanks. The aircraft is equipped with a piston engine and is extremely unpretentious in maintenance.
The wing is equipped with winglets, which has a positive effect on handling. The two-keel rudder design avoids the negative impact of airflow, created by the screw.
Rehabilitation bed for patients
The first Russian rotary bed for kinetic therapy. The key feature of the bed is its design, which ensures changes in the position of the patient's body according to the principle of free, slow rolling under his own weight. The use of the bed allows kinetic therapy to be carried out according to the most effective method, provides the patient with a new level of comfort due to the unique ability to replace functional, rotational, rehabilitation beds, a gurney and an anti-decubitus mattress.
Thanks to modern materials, balanced motor placement, touch force sensors and large batteries, the prosthetic designers have been able to create a bionic arm that is capable of most of the daily activities. We worked together with a US citizen, whose homeland is Russia. The main disadvantage of modern prostheses is still the price.
The ATLANT L-200 robot was designed for a foreign manufacturer. The robot has passed the entire test cycle and has been successfully used as a serial prototype. ATLANT-2000 is the working name of the robot.
Lifting equipment
Traverse is a quick-detachable load-gripping device used on cranes to work with various types of cargo. The traverses are an intermediate link between the crane hook and the load.
The traverse allows you to avoid damage to the load when moving it. The traverse can be used for lifting long loads and loads where there are height restrictions.
Portable billboard
Special fast-mounted design of a billboard. Designed for operation in strong gusts of wind. The project was made for a production with a low level of equipment.
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