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Engineering corporation of the XXI century
We bring to your attention high-quality and modern engineering from EDB. Our company is the first enterprise from Russia specializing in the implementation of modern technologies in technological processes. We offer a full range of services from concept development to support of an already finished product, technology, line, etc. in your production.

EDB Corporation is a full cycle of the machine-building association and is a unique alliance of companies, created to solve difficult and unrealistic for many tasks.

Machine-Building Corporation bureau was created on the basis of four independent companies:
1. The head enterprise Experimental design bureau carries out design work in the fields of mechanical engineering and machine tool construction.
2. EDB-Cybernetics is engaged in the development of electronics.
3. EDB-Soft creates software that controls machines and helps development.
4. Timlyui Machine-Building Plant brings to life everything that is created by the corporation's engineers.

Today we are ready to offer you high-quality engineering in the first place. It is on this basis that our machines always meet the most stringent customer requirements. You can see our work in the Projects section.
The basis of our enterprise is the only commercial design bureau in Russia, working in many areas of mechanical engineering and machine-tool building: automotive, shipbuilding, metallurgy, construction, robotics, machine-tool building, energy, precision engineering, lifting equipment, medicine, finished production sites, aircraft construction and others.
The OKB is the only commercial design bureau in Russia that works in many areas of mechanical engineering and machine tool building and unites 4 enterprises. We bring your ideas to life from concept to implementation.
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